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Meet Braja Mandala
Named As
"One of the top 100 inspirational people"
By The Knot Magazine

Braja pictured above in her photo studio

LOVE.  It is the driving force behind my photography.  I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love.

I was born in a small beach town in Southern California.  I spent my Summers as a kid swimming in the ocean and camping with my grandparents and brother.  From early in my teen years I wanted to do two things in life, to be a photographer and to learn the Hindu faith.  The day after I graduated high school I committed five years of my life to studying the Hindu religion.  I traveled to India twice and met many lifelong friends.  I must admit the first time I went to India, at the age of 20, I was in complete culture shock, but after being there a few days I grew to love India.  I have been in love with the Hindu faith, the people and traditions of India ever since.  

After my five years of study were completed I still had one more passion that I had not fulfilled and that was photography.  I studied under master photographers for several years until I felt confident to branch out and start my own photography business.  My roots in the Hindu religion was the deciding factor to specialize in South Asian weddings.  Understanding the traditions and meaning behind the ceremonies is a major asset to getting the best images for my clients.

I am happliy married and living in SoCal.  I am truly blessed to have my husband in my life, he gives me balance and adventure and pushes me to do things I normally would not do on my own.  One of our favorite things to do together when we are traveling is to go to antique shops and bring back a little something from each place we visit.

Photography has allowed me to travel from coast to coast and many parts of the globe.  My photography work can be seen in the pages of Harpers Bazaar India Magazine, Vogue India, Grace Ormonde Magazine, South Asian Bride Magazine, The Knot Magazine, Modele Weddings Magazine, San Diego Style Weddings Magazine, Ceremony Magazine, California Wedding Day Magazine along with bridal blogs nation wide.

Feel free to drop by my photo studio at 2915 Red Hill Ave A108, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 or send me an email braja@brajamandala.com I would love to hear from you and I am happy to be of service to you.

Behind the Scenes

Jaipur India
Beverly Hills
Our wedding
Southern CA
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Braja Mandala pictured above in India


Strolling the streets of Jaipur, India with my clients Sam and Nina for their epic engagement session.