Neeta & Atul


Speeches during the reception are a really great way to get those never been told before stories of the bride and groom from the maid of honor or the best man. At Neeta and Atul’s Hummingbird Nest Ranch wedding one of Neeta’s cousins told a prophetic story from Neeta’s childhood. When Neeta was in grade school one of Neeta’s teachers asked the class to draw what they wanted to be when they grew up. On that piece of paper Neeta drew herself in a ophthalmologists office helping a patient with their eye problems. Her cousin actually brought that same drawing to the wedding and showed everyone Neeta’s childhood dream. On the bottom of that piece of paper was also a little note saying “I want to get married when I am 26”. Flash forward some years and Neeta is now a practicing ophthalmologist and married Atul at the age of 26. Wow, I love those stories.

As featured in California Wedding Day Magazine

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