An Art Deco Engagement Session – Palm Springs, CA.

Vinny and Salima wanted a very different setting for their Indian wedding. After attending many weddings in the past, they wanted to host an event that would be a departure of the norm — a place where they can revisit time and time and easy enough for family and friends to access. Palm Springs dessert would be the setting for this engagement session and the wedding. We met one weekend to create a one of a kind "save the date" image. This would set the tone to wedding day photos and get the guests excited to attend the week-long of events. We photographed in the perfect outdoor setting just below the mountains amongst the wild brush. Then ventured into eh neighborhoods to find art deco buildings to give them a very vintage feel. After Vinny and Salima's wedding, we have photographed many of their close friend's weddings, one of which was Shruthi and Patrick, which you can view by clicking here. 

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