What is a Sangeet?

Indian Weddings can last from one day to one week long (even longer sometimes). If you are having a week long Indian wedding or are attending an Indian wedding that is longer than a day it is most likely that you will be going to a Sangeet. Those of us brought up in the US have never even heard of a Sangeet. So what exactly is a Sangeet anyways?

A Sangeet is more or less a big party thrown the night before the wedding day. Usually all of the guests who are attending the wedding are invited to the Sangeet. Because of the large amount of guests attending a Sangeet it is usually held in a ballroom of a hotel.

Most families take pride in throwing a lavish Sangeet for their son or daughter. Guests are welcomed with drinks and appetizers and there are many times ladies who will apply henna to your hands. It is a good way for people to interact with each other and have some kind of activity to do during the cocktail hour. Don’t shy away from that gorgeous outfit hanging in your closet, come dressed in your finest lehenga or sari because not only do the bride and groom wear a stunning outfit to their Sangeet so do all of the guests (the more sparkles and embellishment the better).

Music is a huge part of a Sangeet. Many times cousins of the bride and groom put on singing and dancing performances. Anything from a live band to a Punjabi DJ are spotted at Sangeets. Along with rockin music comes dancing. And boy do Indians LOVE to dance. So strap on those dancing shoes and get ready to party the night away.

Along with music and dancing and henna the Sangeet night is a great way to meet family and friends of the bride and groom and toast to their new life together.

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