Engagement session - Jaipur, India

Meet me in Jaipur, India. was the email subject header for my conversation with Nina and Sam to plan out this once in a lifetime engagement session. Many of my clients live in different parts of the US, and because of that, I don't often get the chance to meet them in person before their wedding or engagement session. I first met Nina and Sam over breakfast at the Fairmont in Jaipur, India. We planned to wake up early and photograph at Amir Fort, then visit a couple off the beaten plath location. location that have never been used as a setting for a photoshoot. After all, we were in India and wanted to try something different. I clearly remembered everyone riding elephants up to an ancient fort. Myself and Nina's mom were on the first elephant, Nina and Sam were on the middle elephant, and Gene and Nina's dad was on the last elephant. It was a little bit of a rocky ride, but I managed to take their photos while riding on the elephants. Once we were off the elephants, we spent some time photographing around the fort and in some nearby areas. Our final location was an elephant sanctuary where the elephant handlers hand-painted their elephants with colorful flowers and patterns. That opportunity was a spontaneous decision, lots of negotiations and… Well, ask me to tell you that story when we meet. This series of behind the scenes videos share just how amazing that day was.